The Under 10s, Wine Reviews from the depths!

 Sensi Cupido Toscana Sangiovese IGT 2008

Oh deary Me!……

cost about €8- Ruby red , clean and youthful looking with a clean nose that’s quite intense with ripe black fruit and ripe cherry emerging, very spicy with a hint of caramel or could it be rhubarb stalks and burnt sugar?

Clean palate, moderate acidity—– but then a strange moment– it has the same effect on my senses as been caught listening to Barbara Streisand on my Ipod. I am being very generous by describing any discernable fruit flavours as limp. There is lots of spiciness that gets a bit hot and persistent something is holding onto my gums and eventually it all dies off agressively in a climax of beligerent spices.

Drinking;I’m not surprised Cupid on the label is stabbing himself with his own arrow! sorry couldn’t recommend this one

Rating;  O stars

What The Back lael says; Well, it is in 4 languages to give it that international feel “un gusto pieneo ricco buon corpo morbido e velluato” sounds marvellous doesn’t it.     I think this means; a braceful pee soon after consuming should prevent your body feeling deflated and murdered.

The Next Morning: Oh Deary Me! this was so acidic I’m sure my wee was dangerously corrosive. I had an unmerciful bout of tinitus coupled with the adult form of nappy rash. 


Jacobs Creek Merlot 2007 Australia

There are two types of wine shopper; firstly there’s the one who rushes through the wine aisle in the supermarket and throws in a bottle of Jacobs Creek and then there’s the one who goes to their local bottle store studies all the shelf talkers and reads the back labels, tastes a few wines and finally buys a bottle of Jacobs Creek! 

This is known as the “Jacobs Creek Effect”.

I have always leant away from big brands but at €6 this deserves a visual Review.

 Drinking: very pleasant altogether! nothing sticks and tastes consistent throughout the evening.

Rating; a definate 2 stars!

What the back label says: with an established wine like this one would think that the producer could be brave and give us something useful or outrageous on the back label but they don’t. Usual marketing department led vocabulary and unimaginitive blather about creeks and first plantings. Doesn’t refer to the massive facility they use today to make their wine. They enjoy it with pasta, pizza and cheese, sounds like an unhealthy kind of meal even for a man my size.  I would suggest that you can enjoy this wine on its own accompanied by anything from Toy Story II to Resevoir Dogs or An Officer and a Gentlemen.  

The Next Morning: up and out in good time and not at all in bad shape. The tongue did look like a badly surfaced road and my bicycle did seem to have decided where it was going itself. After taking off my headphones in heavy traffic I noticed that there was a very pleasant and relaxing humming sound in my head. —The Jacobs Creek Effect!






Turners Road Reserve Merlot 2007 USA

what was that hummingbird drinking?A mild deep ruby colour staying more or less the same colour all the way to the rim.

The nose is moderate made up of a mostly aggressive ether of ripeish fruit, bits of raisin, jam, overripe dark fruit and cherry perhaps for some drinkers—plum!

Some spices row in behind but you got to go looking for them.

When the ether has got you, it begins to taste quite enticing

It’s dry , medium bodied and those whatever they were I described on the nose as aggressive are back and dominating the mid palate, tasting is only mild to moderate in intensity with spicy knackered out fruits vague in a subdued background of something slightly oaky. Acidity is just middlin’ but there’s a bitterish aftertaste reminiscent of cherry or piss poor Chianti

Length….    Ha! There is a bit of chocolate or something left hanging about here,- like a drunk ugly fellow at the end of a dance.


If I’d paid  €8.99 I ‘d have the same expression on my face that the distraught hummingbird(is it?) on the label has. I’m not sure if that’s a nick on my label or a graphic of an aphid that the bird’s chasing. Reasonable value at €6.99. If you have to… just acceptable but venture down Turners Road on your own.

Award of one star… “I told you it wasn’t Pomerol”

What the back label says;

No hyperbole here, honest about jammy aromas plums and cherries the oak is sweet and toasty, it gets generous here and finishes recommending it with grilled steak and barbequed chicken. No need for food matches and no lies here, use of the word “vibrant” is completely uncalled for.

Contains sulphites!

The next morning

Woke up normally with all vitals functioning. Head felt clear, tongue had usual satellite weather photo look and the whites of the eyes were a bit yellow. Now that could be the new light bulbs I put in, those CFLs, that the Greens want to have us all using. I can’t blame the wine then, because no matter what you’ve been doing, where you’ve been or who you are, those light bulbs make you look like you’ve just cycled home in a cold shower of rain.


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