Wine Cartoons!

Drink Australian ShirazPinot grigio lichtenstein jWine NosesHere the collection of our funny wine pictures and cartoons!

How to drink less wine this year, suggestion number 1; deliberately miss-match your food and wine!

mismatch your food and wine

“It says in my vintage guideRudolf, that this chimney here leads straight down to the cellar!”

Santa on Chateau Margaux

corkscrew up nose 2

On behalf of the wine drinkers of Ireland

woman openiong screwcap color 1

Don't Sting Him!!

Funny Prosecco Add!

Jacobs Creek Review

Jacobs Creek Merlot–Visual Review!

” probably a point four-five calibre.. this,-Gunshot at close range.. this guy had no chance! –we got one very dead mob traitor boss!”

“NO! –that’s probably a ’05 barbera… this,-a shot of Penfolds Grange….this guy is in a sodden trance! we got one very drunk wine waiter , Sarge!”

Experienced Spitter!

Merry Christmas!!

Politics and Volatile Wines!

Turners Road review


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