Three things distinguish humans from apes; conversation, laughter and alcohol”

The recession has hit and now long gone are the €20 bottles critiqued and left unfinished on a Thursday evening. No more €85 bottles of champagne on the credit card justified by “ well it’s less than €15 a glass!” En primeur—can’t even pay the duty!
My lender cannot get their extra 2% so I have been forced into the treacherous depths of the retail wine market populated by undiscovered treasure, toxic juices, liars, pretenders, and wines trying to be something they never will be.
Yes! here we will mix with the bare knuckle fighters of the wine world!
The blogosphere is also populated by many fine individuals who inform about and recommend wines and I believe they all do a good job. Here you have an educated, seasoned palate that will give honest opinion and recommendation or not.
The theme is that you should get substantial change from a tenner!
We will offer our opinion and expose the back label lies and tasting note waffle and have a general laugh with and about wine.

See our “Tasting notes Explained ” category for funny tasting notes and humourous tasting notes.


Remember if there was no alcohol in it, we would probably not drink it!

A simple opinion based rating system. Think hotels. We will run our rating from no stars to 2 stars and I expect a very occasional 3 star.

0 stars O deary me! Probably best to avoid these ones, you can get better,
if it was a hotel you would find it on http://www.bringyourownmattress.com

1 star a level up and actually just about acceptable, the concept of value
emerges here, if it was a hotel, the bed would be uncomfortable but
you’re so tired you sleep brilliantly anyway.
Found on http://www.hotelsonroundabouts.com

2 stars this is unquestionably good value, in fact in most cases; worth
looking for, and a firm recommendation to buy. We might start
to talk about some wine components here. This is the free massage
with the €50 hotel room.

3 star This will be a rarity! A comprehensive recommendation to go get
it. If it was a hotel , it would be €35 booking that gets mixed up
and instead of getting the broom cupboard overlooking the goods
inwards area, you get the bridal suite! you might even get the Bride!


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