Cabernet Sauvignon and its’ effects on The Human Brain

Cabernet grapes 1An extract from Les Vins Nobles et Leurs Incidences sur le Cerveux Humain

When combined with male androgens, Cabernet Sauvignon overstimulates neurotransmitters in the frontal lobe in an area associated with imagination and boastful bumptiousness. It can result in the utterance of unqualified tales of embellished conquests at gentlemanly pursuits such as fishing, hunting or playing rugby.

 The Surgeon General has documented many healing properties of good cabernet sauvignon; it improves circulation, prevents dementia, it has a beneficial effect on insomnia, consumption and flatulence. Cabernet Sauvignon is also recommended as the ideal tonic for a recently broken heart.

Why drink anything else?



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The recession has hit hard, no more tipping the last 1/2 glass out of the champagne bottle because it's a tad too warm. My lender would be kicking down my door for his interest if he knew I was drinking at all. Now I spend my time with the €5-€10 bottles discovering some real value and encountering some swamp donkeys to be avoided. This blog is a Wine Diploma holding palate, forced to trawl the murky depths populated by the bare knuckle fighters of the "entry level" wine world, trying to reveal the real crackers. Tasting notes exposed!! Regular explanations of the rubbish that are tasting notes! Wine Waffle indeed! Stories and trivia about wine.
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