The Leaders Wines

A vinous look at the Party Leaders

“If 50cents Excise goes on a bottle of wine, it’ll be the enda’ the Thursday Drinking”

Enda Kenny

a light bodied white that has become very popular, an Italian  PinotGrigio from a 2010 vintage that is meant to be drunk fresh  but surprisingly now that it is opened it’s rather good, but we question what it’s going to be like in a year, or two years time.

Michael Martin. Could be a bottle of Champagne bought in 1999 that was stored in a warm cupboard and opened so it’s lost its fizz-it was better in 2003!  Or a progressively worseningScrewed! Barbera from a better time now descending to a long bitter finish.  Perhaps a bottle of old Eastern European cabernet that had an “additive” issue causing illness and has quickly now relabelled itself but everybody can see that the back label is the same as the old one!  Martin is the face on a  shoddy novelty contraption that has screwed and broken us and left fragments floating around to spoil the enjoyment of what would have been a wonderful  wine.!!

Eamon Gilmore A red wine of course! An obscure supertuscan! You can find nothing out about it, it might not keep for another 5 years. You know it could be stunning, you have an idea what it should be like but don’t really know what it will be like.

Baron AdamsGerry Adams a very volatile wine in its youth, maturing well with some rough edges, full on, full bodied, intense no surrender here!  Very long finish, it doesn’t go away you know!

A big new world shiraz that someone laced with a sneaky shot of vodka!






 “If the greens say there is light at the end of the tunnel beware, it will be lit by a CFL bulb and nobody will be able to see the light!.”

John Gormley, definitely inexpensive Vinho Verde in a plastic bottle with a screwcap . We get he hangover before drinking the wine, Penance for sins we haven’t yet committed!  Unfortunately, now withdrawn from the market as it just wasn’t popular enough.


About winephantom

The recession has hit hard, no more tipping the last 1/2 glass out of the champagne bottle because it's a tad too warm. My lender would be kicking down my door for his interest if he knew I was drinking at all. Now I spend my time with the €5-€10 bottles discovering some real value and encountering some swamp donkeys to be avoided. This blog is a Wine Diploma holding palate, forced to trawl the murky depths populated by the bare knuckle fighters of the "entry level" wine world, trying to reveal the real crackers. Tasting notes exposed!! Regular explanations of the rubbish that are tasting notes! Wine Waffle indeed! Stories and trivia about wine.
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